Saturday, December 20, 2008

Depression vs Contentment

Talk by Sheikh Sulaiman Mulla.

Most Islamic scholars and pious Muslims of the early generations of Islam were poor; needless it is to say, then, that they did not have beautiful houses or nice cars. Yet, despite these disadvantages, they led fruitful lives, and they benefited mankind, not by some miracle, but because they used all that they were given, and spent their time in the correct way. Hence they were blessed in their lives, their time, and their talents.

On the contrary, there are many people who have been bestowed with wealth, children, and all forms of blessings, yet these blessings have been the very reason for their misery and ruin.

* Part 1/2

* Part 2/2


  1. saya sedng blaja-blaja fikir risau runsing terhadap umat... he he

  2. Semoga Allah kekalkan dan tambah risau tuan terhadap umat.

  3. salam,

    Allahuakbar,may ALLAH bestow us his divine tranquillity..prevent us us from modern poverty..good speech, terima kasih saudara azhar, walaupun saya sempat dengar 35 min jer...banyak ilmu dapat..harap dapat kekuatan amal...insyallah ada masa nanti nak dengar sampai habis..sampaikan salam pada ammar..


komen pembaca sangat aku hargai.. makasey...